Presented by The Joyce as part of Joyce UNLEASHED
at New York Live Arts
June 3 + 4, 2016


Performers - Rebecca Breheney, Lizzie Feidelson, Michael Ingle, Jasmine Jawato, Emma Judkins, and Tara Willis
Lighting design - Elliott Jenetopulos
Music - Ryan Sawyer
Set design- Sara Walsh
Costume, Design and Fabrication - Christian Joy

Prize, a new evening length work for six dancers was presented by The Joyce Theater as a part UNLEASHED, an ongoing series of experimental works presented off-site. The piece premiered June 3-4 at 7pm and June 4 at 9pm.   

In the world premiere of Prize, a wild, natural and driving kinetic power emerges. The dancers navigate a psychologically viscous space within, outside, and between one another. The force of the piece contracts and expands from a centrifugal group power and from solos that emerge from these highly organized crystalline formations.  In each solo, the dancer’s distinct approach to energy resonates as a powerful statement; some assertion of self - as though the dancer left a small trace of him or herself behind in the space.  At times with a startling and singular quietness and focus, while others are wild and unhinged with an essential agitation that bubbles beneath the surface of the work, and exploding it in a moment of fracture.

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