The Superseded Third 
Presented by The Chocolate Factory Theater
April 24–May 4, 2013

Performers: Anna Sperber and Molly Leiber
Lighting and Stage Design: Thomas Dunn
Music: Nate Wooley performed with Chris DeMiglio and Megan Schubert
Costumes: Parker Lutz

The Superseded Third was developed in part with support from Gibney Dance Center's Dance In Process residency program. This work also received support from New Music USA's 2013 Live Music For Dance Program, a residency at Mount Tremper Arts, and subsidized rehearsal space at Mark Morris Dance Studios.

In The Superseded Third , Sperber continues to deepen her exploration of rigorous, intricate, gradually shifting patterns to get at a deeper energetic layer of expression. Using a combination of technical rigor and improvisation to generate a deep rawness of emotion through endurance, Sperber’s investigations into shaping energy and momentum within given architectural spaces continue with A Superseded Third.

Sperber’s work utilizes the power of the collective force of groups of bodies moving in space, examining the experience of the singular and collective body. Interested in what we project - what we glean from how we see ourselves in each other, and each other in ourselves. This dynamic is laid bare between the two performers in this new work, as well as between the performers and the audience; illuminating what is between two people, as it becomes a potent third thing.

For The Superseded Third, Wooley composed a soundscore for trumpet and live singers. They work with the unique acoustic properties of the performance space to create layers of sound that fill and charge the room. At times it creates a crowded sonic landscape and at others provides the feeling of a vast open terrain. This contributes to the immersive and intimate experience of the work.